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How it work

The Oxford University graduates met at a round table to select an interesting business model that would bring a stable passive income to all participants of the investment process during a long period of time. An innovative decision was made that a young ambitious company would earn using the arbitrage at the forex trading and trading of crypto-currency at well-known international venues.

The volatility of the crypto-currency and trading allows you to close transactions with crazy profits, however, using arbitrage, when a cryptocoin is bought at the lowest price on one exchange and immediately sold at the highest price allowing increasing several times the company’s profits and generating enormous income. A team of highly qualified experts from all over the world was formed: analysts, observers, traders, IT specialists, programmers.

bixprout.com Limited got stronger and developed gaining public fame. And in 2018, the Board of Directors (Tara Sitara Brothers) decided to create an International Corporation all over the world via the Internet! Never before has the investment process been so simple and profitable!

Step 01

Registration procedure

In order to become our client and receive a guaranteed high profit you need to undergo a registration procedure and complete the form on the website.

Do not be afraid to fill in your real data, as bixprout.com Limited follows Privacy policy and does not transfer personal data to third parties. bixprout.com Limited is an official company from Great Britain, which pays taxes in full; therefore the investors of bixprout.com Limited are completely protected.

Having created an account and obtained an access to the My Profile, the investor has the right to create any number of deposits, control his/her financial profit, file an application for immediate withdrawal of dividends, participate in a best partner program, which generates an additional income and allows receiving that income which you deserve of.

Step 02

Choose the investment offer

Having created an account and obtained an access to the My Profile, you need to choose the investment offer that is interesting to you.

Your deposit will generate profit during a plan of 3 days, 7 days, 20 days every day. Price plans offer from 3% to 7% daily depending on the amount of your deposit.

You can withdraw earned dividends at any time instantly on request with a minimum withdrawal amount of 2 USD.

Please note, All withdrawals complete within 1 hour

Step 03

Make a deposit and start receiving stable high dividends

In order to make a deposit and start receiving stable high dividends, you need to access My Profile, select the New Deposit tab and specify the amount you want to contribute, but not less than 20 USD.

Step 04

Dividends are accrued every business day

Dividends are accrued every business day. You can withdraw your dividends as often as you like, the minimum amount for withdrawal of the profit is 2 USD.

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