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What is BixProut Limited (Tara-Sitara Bros) Limited?

BixProut Limited (Tara-Sitara Bros) Limited is a multifunctional platform combining an investment fund aimed at development and increase of funds of our clients by investment experts in the field of trade in forex and crypto currency via arbitrage

How long has the project been working?

The platform was created in April 2018 in Great Britain by a careful selection of highly qualified experts; in 2018 the platform manifested itself in the World Wide Web - the Internet.

Who manages the assets of the project?

The assets are managed by a team of professionals.

How is the income generated?

The yield on deposits is generated from the income of the company which carries out financial activities in the area of trading in forex and crypto-currency via arbitrage on the international commercial exchanges.

What are the guarantees of safety of my investments in the project?

Our company values its reputation, so it maintains the Insurance Fund in a special account in case of force majeure in one of the well-known banks of Britain.

Who can participate in the investment programs of the platform?

Any legally capable person over 18 can become a member of BixProut Limited (Tara-Sitara Bros) Limited

How to become a client of the BixProut Limited (Tara-Sitara Bros) Limited platform?

In order to become a client you must undergo a simple registration procedure following the hints of the system.

What monetary units does BixProut Limited (Tara-Sitara Bros) Limited work with?

Currently we work with PERFECT MONEY, BITCOIN and PAYEER. If new payment methods are added, they will be announced via feed and e-mail.

How long does it take for my deposit to become active?

The deposit starts generating profit instantly.

May I open several deposits?

You may but bear in mind that the transactions will be carried out separately.

How soon will the money come to my wallet after the order?

Applications will be processed instantly.

Is there a limit to the withdrawal?

2 USD is the minimum withdrawal threshold.

What fees are provided for the withdrawal of the dividends received from the program?

There is 0.50% fee for withdrawal.

How is the profit accrued?

The established percent is credited daily.

How many accounts can be created by one person?

A client may create one account. In case of violations the administration will delete such accounts and block funds.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum investment deposit is 20 USD

What is the maximum investment amount?

The maximum investment amount is 3000 USD

How much investment can I make to the company?

Each client can create as many deposits as possible, which do not exceed the maximum entry threshold.

If I want to withdraw the deposit principal ahead of time, how can I do this?

The deposit cannot be withdrawn ahead of time.

Can I get any reward for inviting a partner who will invest with the platform?

Yes, the company encourages its clients who advertise BixProut Limited (Tara-Sitara Bros) Limited. If your partner buys an investment plan in the project, you will receive a fee specified in the Partners section.

How can I contact the company’s support?

You need to write to the contact information convenient for you (VIA whatsaap, the the support ticket, the e-mail of the administration) specified in the Contacts tab.

What is the support’s schedule?

Support Service works around-the-clock. You will receive a response to your request as quickly as possible depending on the workload of the operators, but not later than 24 hours

Is BixProut Limited (Tara-Sitara Bros) Limited the official company?

BixProut Limited (Tara-Sitara Bros) Limited is an official company registered under the laws of the UK.

Who can become a client of BixProut Limited (Tara-Sitara Bros) Limited?

Anyone who wishes can become a client of BixProut Limited (Tara-Sitara Bros) Limited regardless of whether he/she know our business “Trading in forex and crypto-currency via arbitrage” or not.

How long will BixProut Limited (Tara-Sitara Bros) Limited be operating?

The company stands firmly on its feet, and we are interested in long-term relationships with clients. The company's phased business plan is drawn up until 2027.

Are the investments with BixProut Limited (Tara-Sitara Bros) Limited safe?

BixProut Limited (Tara-Sitara Bros) Limited guarantees not only the safety of your investments, but also their increase

How to make a deposit?

Select the “Create a deposit” tab, choose an investment plan, enter the desired amount, and select the type of payment: Investment from the balance or Investment from wallet - and click the button.

What payment instrument can one invest in the company?

Our company deals with the Trading of forex and crypto-currency via arbitrage, therefore Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin is available at the moment as a payment method.

During the registration the system requires entering a bitcoin address. What is it?

Bitcoin address is your ID (account, wallet number) - your unique set of alphanumeric characters which starts with 1 or 3

During registration I made a mistake when entered e-mail and now I cannot log into my account. What should I do?

You cannot change the e-mail address. The way out of this situation is to create a new account

What does confirmation of the bitcoin system mean?

All transactions are confirmed by the bitcoin system. For a deal to be valid, a certain amount of time is required, usually from 3 to 6 confirmations by the system itself. This is the automatic process of the bitcoin system. Typically, this process lasts from 15 minutes to 24 hours. BixProut Limited (Tara-Sitara Bros) Limited cannot influence the speed of the transaction confirmation

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